Born in northern France in 1978, Catherine is a self-taught storyteller. She started photographing at an early age, documenting her environment and creating stories using her friends as her main subjects. She studied Fine Arts at the Institut Saint-Luc in Belgium and acquired theoretical and practical knowledge which serve as a basis for the construction of her images influenced by the great masters of painting.

Opposed to focusing on movement, she looks at her images as a static piece, with a special attention to clean lines and a well-thought graphic precision. She is an explorer with an intense eye for detail and composition. When working with models, Catherine manages to penetrate beyond the surface. She is attracted by the person's character. Privacy is the foundation on which each image is built. Catherine brings characteristic layers of complexity to people and objects with her use of light, place, time and mood. Photography entered and left her life intermittently. One always returns to his first loves. 


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